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Opthalmic Cannulas

RCP001 : Retrobulbar Needle ( Atkinson )
RCP001-27 : 27G X 38mm,
RCP001-25 : 25G X 38mm,
RCP001-23 : 23G X 38mm
>RCP003 : Retrobulbar Needle ( Sharp Point )
RCP003-25 : 25G x 38mm.
RCP003-23 : 23G x 38mm.
RCP003B-25: 25G x 50mm.
RCP005 : Peribulbar Needle ( Atkinson)
RCP005-27 : 27G x 22mm.
RCP005-25 : 25G x 22mm.
RCP005-23 : 23G x 22mm.
RCP009 : Subtenon's Anesthesia Cannula
Curved Flattened tip : 19G x 25mm
RCP011 : Subtenon's Anestheia Cannula ( Tri-Port)
Curved Angled
RCP011C-21 : 21G x 25mm
RCP011C-19 : 19G x 25mm
RCP011A-21 : 21G x 25mm
RCP011A-19 : 19G x 25mm
RCP013 : Subtenon's Anesthesia (PARA) Needle
21G, 0.30mm per side port.
RCP1003 : Retrobulbar Needle (Curved) ( Atkinson )
Design fascilitates to course around the globe and parallel to the optic nerve. 11mm bend.
RCP1003-25 : 25G x 35 mm.
RCP1003-23 : 23G x 35mm.
Home :: Our Products :: Othalmaic Cannulas :: Cystotomes
RCP015 : Cystotome (Straight)
Sterile Disposable 16 mm long
RCP015-30 : 30G,
RCP015-27 : 27G,
RCP015-25 : 25G.
RCP017 : Irrigating Cystotome (Formed)
Sterile Disposable
RCP017-30 : 30G x 16mm,
RCP017-27 : 27G x 16mm,
RCP017-26 : 26G x 16mm,
RCP017-25 : 25G x 16mm.
RCP019 : Cystotome ( Angled)
Sterile Disposable 45 degree, tip roated 45 degree
RCP019-25 : 25G,
RCP019-27 : 27G,
RCP019-30 : 30G x 16mm
RCP021 : Irrigating Cystotome (Reverse)
Sterile Disposable, Tip bent towards bevel : 25G x 22mm
RCP023 : Sharp Irrigating Cystotome (Kelman)
Curved Sharp cutting edge : 25G x 32mm
RCP027 : Lacrimal Cannula Reinforced ( Straight)
20G Shaft having reinforced 12mm 23G Cannula (Malleable), Straight, Overall Length 32mm
RCP029 : Lacrimal Cannula Reinforced ( Curved )
20G Shaft having reinforced 12mm 23G Cannula (Melleable), curved, overall length 32 mm
RCP031 : Lacrimal Cannula ( Bailey )
For Infants short 20G Straight shaft having 7mm,exposed tip of 23G, length 15mm straight
RCP033 : Lacrimal Cannula ( Fasanella )
Gently curved, 23G, Length 19mm
RCP035 : Lacrimal Cannula ( Anel ) Special Long Mount Blunt Tip
RCP035-23(S) 23G Straight
RCP035-23(C) 23G Curved
RCP035-25(S) 25G Straight
RCP035-25(C) 25G Curved
RCP037 : Lacrimal Cannula ( West )
Gently curved 0.3mm top opening
23G x 30mm long.
RCP043 : Lacrimal Intubation Set
Stainless steel probes with 30cms silicon tubing 23G.
RCP043-23G : 17.5 cms probe
RCP043B-23G : 11.0 cms probe
RCP045 : Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR)
Stainless Steel probe 20G x 4.50cms solid silicon rod length 40cm.
RCP045-S: Straight,
RCP1031 : Lacrimal Cannula ( Shahinian )
Smooth bullet shape end for punctual dialation
and irrigation of the nasolacrimal system.
25G x 13 mm.
RCP1041 : Lacrimal Intubation Set (Olive Tip)
Stainless steel probes 0.40 mm x 11 cms with Olive tips. Silicone tube length 35 cms.
RCP1043 : Lacrimal Intubation Set ( Notched )
Stainless steel probes 0.60mm x 11 cms with Notched Tips. Silicon tube length 35 cms. RCP1043-RD with RETRIVAL DEVICE.
RCP1045 : Lacrimal Intubation Set with Suture ( Crawford )
Stainless steel probes 0.60mm x 11 cms with Olive tips, 6.0 silk thread inserted inside the lumen of probe for easy removal without anesthesia
Home :: Our Products :: Othalmaic Cannulas :: Air Injection & Irrigating Cannula
RCP049 : Irrigation Cannula Straight Blunt Tip
20G / 22/23/25/27/30G x 25 mm length.
RCP049-S Set of 6.
RCP051 : Anterior Chamber Cannula ( Rycroft )
Angled 45 degree overall length - 22mm
RCP051-30 : 30G x 22mm
RCP051-27 : 27G x 22mm
RCP051-26 : 26G x 22mm
RCP051-25 : 25G x 22mm
RCP051-23 : 23G x 22mm
RCP051-21 : 21G x 22mm
RCP061 : Anterior Chamber Cannula ( Mcintryre )
RCP061-Set : Set of 5 Cannula
RCP061-30(A):30G Angled
RCP061-27(A):27G Angled
RCP061-26(A):26G Angled
RCP061-25(A):25G Angled
RCP061-23(A):23G Angled
RCP063 : Anterior Chamber Cannula (Knolle)
2mm Angled Tip. length 19mm
RCP063-30 : 30G
RCP063-23 : 23G-25G
RCP063-25 : 23G-25G
RCP063-Set : Set of 3 Cannula
RCP065 : Anterior Chamber Maintainer (Lewicky)
Silicon tubing attached, to 20G x 3.50 mm cannula unique annular rings for self retaining.
RCP1056 : Visco Flow Cannula
For easier injection of viscoelastic to all meridians.Dome
shape provides safe inseration.
27G x 24 mm formed.
RCP1065 : Anterior Chamber Maintainer (Bluementhal)
20 cms silicon tubing attached to reinforced 23G x 5.00 mm cannula with Atkinson point. Slightly spatulated for self retaining.
RCP1067 : A/C Maintainer Blubous Tip (Jaymce)
Bulbous tip allows easy insertion and minimum tissue disturbance, 20G x 4 mm from tip.
Home :: Our Products :: Othalmaic Cannulas :: Hydrodisection or Hydrodelineation
RCP069 : Nucleous Hydrodissector ( Rainin )
Angled 45 degree, Bend 7mm, Length 22mm,
Spatulated on horizontal plane
RCP069-30 : 30G x 22mm
RCP069-27 : 27G x 22 mm
RCP071 : Nucleous Hydrodissector ( Mcintyre ) Spatulated
Angled 45 degree, Bend 11mm, Length 22mm, Flattened on horiz plane
RCP071-30 : 30G x 22mm
RCP071-27 : 27G x 22mm
RCP071-23 : 23G x 22mm
RCP073 : J Shaped Micro Hydrodissector ( Pearce )
Hook 1.75 mm wide 2.25mm long length 22mm
RCP073-30 : 30G x 22mm
RCP073-27 : 27G x 22mm
RCP075 : Nucleous Hydrolysis Needle (P.Koch)
Short bevel tip penetrates the nucleous for manual sculpting to improve lamellar seperation. Flattened & smooth insertion under anterior capsule,curved 25G, Length 22mm
RCP1073 : Micro J Shaped Hydrodissector ( Pearce)
Micro size spatulated tip for easy entry through wound under capsule hook 2.00mm x 2.50mm
RCP1073-27 : 27G x 22mm
RCP1073-25 : 25G x 22mm.
RCP1077 : Nucleous Hydrodelineator (Feaster)
Closed wedge shaped tip allow easy penetration between nucleous and epinucleous. Two irrigation port for fluid distribution in both the planes 25G x 28mm.
RCP1078 : Tapered Hydrolineator ( Blumenthal )
Tapered tip alows more flow of fluid through a smaller tip. Easy insertion under capsule for hydrodissection or into nucleous for hydrodelination.
25G x 25mm
Home :: Our Products :: Othalmaic Cannulas :: Cortex Aspiration
RCP079 : Cortex Aspiration Cannula (Mcintyre Binkhorst)
Blunt tip, front opening, hooked, 22mm length
RCP079-R : 26G x 22mm
RCP079-L : 26G x 22mm
RCP081 : Cortex Aspirator ( Alpern )
Angled 45 degree, 5mm from end, hook 1.50mm x 1.75mm
RCP081-R : 25G x 22mm
RCP081-L : 25G x 22mm
RCP071-23: 23G x 22mm
RCP083 : Air Fluid Exchange Cannula ( Ramsey)
45 degree angled, length 16mm, bend 8mm, 25G (10mm extended cannula is inserted in syringe to eliminate air from syringe to entering into the cannula.
RCP085 : Aspiration Cannula ( Gills)
RCP085-5 Angled to tip 5mm
RCP085-6 Angled to tip 6mm
RCP085-8 Angled to tip 8mm
RCP085-10 Angled to tip 10mm
RCP087 : Aspiration Cannula (Healon)
Angled 10mm from tip length 32mm
RCP087-19 : 19G x 32 mm
RCP087-21 : 21G x32 mm
RCP087-22 : 22G x32 mm
RCP091 : Cortex Extractor Cannula (Simcoe)
Smooth closed tip with top aspirating port into curve
RCP091-23 : 23G x 13mm long
RCP091-21 : 21G x 13mm long
RCP091-23A : 23G x 21mm lon
RCP091-21A : 21G x 21mm long
RCP093 : Cortex Extractor Cannula (Simcoe - Welsh)
Angled 10mm from tip,0.3 mm, aspirating point
RCP093-23 : 23G
RCP093-21 : 21G
RCP095 : Cortex Extractor Cannula ( WeRCPh)
Flat Olive Tip length 25 mm
RCP095-S : 25G Straight
RCP095-R : 25G Right
RCP095-L : 25G Left
RCP095 Set : Set of 3 Cannula
RCP097 : Alpha Chromostrypsin Aspirating Cannula  ( Troutman )
Smooth blubous tip length 26mm, 25Gs
RCP099 : U Shaped Aspirating Cannula
Hooked 1.50 mm x 1.75mm wide, Length 22mm
RCP099-25 : 25G
RCP099-23 : 23G
RCP099-21 : 21G.
RCP1098 : Cortex Extractor ( Charluex )
Bulbous tip allows easy insertion and minimum tissue disturbance.
RCP101 : J Shaped Cannula (Inside Port )
0.20/0.25mm port on inside J
25G x 22mm
Home :: Our Products :: Othalmaic Cannulas :: Irrigating And Aspirating
RCP103 : Double I & A Cannula
21G / 21G Thinwall
RCP105 : I & A Cannuala (Gills)
23G/25G Thinwall, Angled 35 degree, 8mm from bend to tip.
RCP107 : J Shaped I & Cannula
23G/23G Open and Aspirating Port
RCP109 : J Shaped I & A Cannula ( Inside Port )
23G / 23G Aspirating cannula has 0.30mm inside port
RCP113 : Co-Axial I & A Cannula (Pearce)
18G Outer wall 23G Inner with 0.30mm side Aspirating Port.
RCP113-S : Straight aspirating cannula,
RCP113-A : Angled,to fascillate Aspiration behind superior iris.
RCP115 : Basic Coaxial Cannula (Mcintryre)
With Nylon connector & Silcon tubing.
RCP115 : 0.3mm Port,
RCP115 : 0.2mm Port.
RCP119 : I & A Cannuala (Gills)
Side by side front opening cannula with silicon tubing 23G
RCP119R Reverse Model
RCP121 : I & A Cannuala (Gills/Welsh)
Flat Olive Tip, 25G, Aspirating through hub 23G
Irrigation with silicon tubing
RCP121-S Straight
RCP121-L Left
RCP121-R Right
RCP123 Same but Reverse Model
RCP129 : I & A Cannula ( Simcoe Regular)
Aspiration through tubing 0.30 mm, Port, 23G
RCP129-0.3 23/23G 0.30mm port
RCP129-0.4 23/22G 0.40 mm port
RCP129 LH-Aspiration on Right for Left handers
RCP131WB : I & A Cannula (Simcoe) with silicon Bulb
Specially designed hub eliminates use of adopter and directly fits in the silicon bulb. Inside taper 6% luer, can aRCPo be used with syringe. Regular.
RCP131 WB-3 0.30mm port
RCP131 WB-4 0.40mm port.
RCP133 : I & A Cannula ( Simcoe Reverse)
Aspiration through hub 0.30 mm port, Irrigation through tubing.
RCP135 : I & A Cannula (Blasted) SiMCode-Dahan
Same as J129 but both the cannula tips are sand blasted at bottom to fascilitate polishing posterior or anterior capsule 0.40mm
RCP137 Reverse Model 23G/22G
RCP145 : I/A Cannula U-shape left ( Grandon)
RCP147 : I & A Cannula (Daljeet)
Coaxial design ensures minimum trauma at entry and exit to the a/c aRCPo the design fascilitates to keep the capsule away from the aspirating port.
RCP1149 : J Shaped I & A Cannula ( Regular )
J shape fascilitates removalof cortex at 120 degree clock position
RCP1149 Regular
RCP1149-L : Left

RCP1149-R : Right

RCP1150 Reverse
RCP1150-L : Left
RCP1150-R : Right
0.30mm top port
RCP1151 : I & A Cannula (Modified) (Simcoe)

Aspiration through 23G tubing and irrigation through 0.50mm (22G) bottom port. Bottom irrigation keeps capsules away from the aspiration port

RCP1152 Same as 1151 but Reverse Model
RCP1153 : I / A Cannula (Simcoe-Navia)
U - shaped extension curves downward for 12 O' clock cleanup 0.3 mm inside port.
RCP1154 : I & A Cannula (O' Gawa)
0.3 mm side port asp.Straight shaft with beveled tip.
RCP1154-16 : 16G
RCP1154-18 : 18G
RCP1154-20 : 20G.
Home :: Our Products :: Othalmaic Cannulas :: Capsule Polishers
RCP155 : Capsule Polisher (Anis)
Sand blasted 0.3mm top irrigating port, 22mm length
RCP155-S : 23G Straight
RCP155-A : 23G Angled
RCP157 : Capsule Polisher (Jenson)
All around sand blasted bulbous tip, length 28mm gently curved.
RCP157-27 : 27G
RCP158-27 : Bottom sand blasted
RCP157-25 : 25G
RCP159 : Posterior Capsule Polisher (Freeman)

iragation port on both sides,19G, length32mm

Angled, sand Blasted

RCP161 : Posterior Capsule Polisher (Simcoe)
Reverse 0.30 mm aparture, 16 mm long, 23 G Curved, Sand blasted
RCP163 : Posterior Capsule Polisher (Simcoe)
Side port 0.30mm aparture, 16mm long, 23G curved, Sand blasted.
RCP165 : Anterior Caspsule Scrubber (Simcoe)
Tip is Angled 45 degree and roughened slightly 23G, Length 19 mm.
RCP167 : Posterior Capsule Scrubber (Simcoe)
Same as RCP165 but for posterior capsule.
RCP169 : Capsule Polisher (Kratz)
0.30mm top port, Angled, blasted 3mm from end.
15-169-21 : 21G x 22mm
15-169-23 : 23G x 22mm.
RCP171 : Collar Button (Greather)
Micro Iris retractor sand blasted posterior surface for capsule polishing side irrigation, Length 25mm
RCP171-S : 23G Straight
RCP171-A : 23G Angled.
RCP173 : Capsule Wall Scrapper ( Knolle)
Angled 2mm sand blasted, length 22mm
RCP173-30 : 30G x 22mm
RCP173-23 : 23G x 22mm
RCP175 : Capsule Polisher ( J Shaped ) Bulbous Tip
Designed to polish posterior capsule ring at 12 O' clock.
RCP175-23G x 28 mm
RCP177 : Flexible Tip Polisher Engles
Flexible Sleeve gives atraumatic insertion & removal.
27G x 22 mm curved 42 degree. Most suitable for Bimanual technique.
RCP1157 : Olive Tip Polisher (Pearce)
Olive shaped tips with 0.30mm top port micro sand blasted
Home :: Our Products :: Othalmaic Cannulas :: Lens Removal Cannula
RCP183 : Irrigating Vectus (Knole - Pearce)
Irrigating port at 12,10 and 2 O'clock 23 G,
Loop 5mm Wide, 9 mm Long
RCP185 : Reverse Irrigating Vectus (Drews - Knolle)
One forward & two reverse Irrigating ports,
loop 5.5 mm, 9 mm Long, Overall length 35 mm 23 G.
RCP187 : Irrigating Vectus (Sheets)
3 Irrigating ports, Serrations on top of vectus 21G x 38mm
Loop 5.5 mm wide, 19 mm Long, Overall length 38 mm
RCP189 : Irrigating Vectus (Anis)
Two front opening ports, 23 Guageheart shaped loop
RCP191 : Irrigating Vectus (Drews)
Posterior capsule polisher slightly angled, Sand blasted base irrigating port facing inside circle 25 G.
RCP193 : Nucleous Delivery Cannula (Simcoe)
RCP193-L Left RCP193-R Right, with serrations.
RCP195 : Irrigating Vectus (Micro)
Lightly Angled, Bottom sand blasted, irrigating port facing outside circle.
RCP197 : Small Incision Nucleous Delivery Cannula With Spoon (Mcintyre)
Used with trisector to take out bigger fragments.
3 mm / 4.5 mm width, 23 G.
RCP199 : Nucleus Delivery Punch (Bidaye)
The ridge on the loop entangles nucleous when punched Into it and delivers it out of ECC into A/C. Tapered plate prevents Iris prolapse.
RCP200 : Fish Hook Cannula
J Shaped Sharp Tip for sophisticated nucleus.
Home :: Our Products :: Othalmaic Cannulas :: Lens Manipulators
RCP209 : Irrigating Dialer Reinforced (Youens)
30 G x 7/8" Angled 45 degree, 10 mm from end
RCP211 : Interaocular Lens Cannula
Angled 5 mm tip, 27 Gauge, 19 mm Long
RCP211-H Horizontal groove
RCP211-V Vertical groove
Home :: Our Products :: Othalmaic Cannulas :: Cyclodialysis
RCP215 : Cyclodialysis Cannula (Castroviejo)
15 mm Angled tip, Opening at top, Semi-sharp sides, 19 Gauge
RCP219 : Cyclodialysis Cannula (Kelman)
Spatulated tip left side opening, 19 G
RCP219-R Right-opening
RCP219-L Left-opening
RCP221 : Cyclodialysis Cannula (Sheets)
Flattened 12 mm tip, Irrigating port on both sides and in front, Overall length 32 mm, 19 Gauge
RCP223 : Cyclodialysis Cannula (Gans)
Opening on left side, 12 mm Angled tip, 19 Gauge
RCP225 : Cyclodialysis Cannula (Gans)
Both sides opening, 12 mm Angled tip, 19 Gauge
RCP227 : Cyclodialysis Cannula (Randolph)
Opening in front for air injection 19 Gauge, 12 mm Angled tip, Overall length 29 mm
Home :: Our Products :: Othalmaic Cannulas :: Vitreoretinal
RCP251 : High Viscosity Injection (Peyman)
To facilitate inject or aspirate of silicone oil in the repair of retinal detachmment 16G x 9 mm
RCP-253 High Yiscosity Injector 4 mm (Hammer)
TuRCPng 16 cms long designed for use with silicone oil syringe.
20G ultra thin wall cannula with 45 degree bevel tip
RCP253-4 : 4 mm
RCP253-6 6mm
RCP257 : Infusion Cannula
More effective infusion 20G ultra thin wall cannula with 45° beveled tip. 25 cm Flexible tubing
RCP257-A : 2.5 mm
RCP257-B : 4 mm
RCP257-C : 6 mm
RCP263 : Subrentinal Injector (Glaser)
20G x 25 mm Cannula with 32G (0.32 mm) x 3 mm tip extension
RCP263-S : Straight
RCP263-C Curved
RCP267 : Subrentinal Aspirator (Landers)
20G x 25 mm Cannual with 27G x 6 mm tip extension Angled 60 degree, tip to aspirate lysed blood celRCP and subrential fluid.
RCP269 : Vitreorentinal Cannula ( Vander)
20G x 1" Cannula with 30G x 5 mm tip
RCP269-S : Straight
RCP269-A : Angled 45 degree
RCP273 : Vitreorentinal Aspirator ( Maumenee)
20G Ultra thin wall straight shaft with graduation at 5 mm interval
RCP275 : Subrentinal Fluid Cannula 6 mm (Grizzard)
20G x 22 mm silicone extends 6 mm beyond end. Overall length 35 mm flexible tip allows autramatic entry through retinal tears.
RCP275-S : Straight
RCP275-C : Curved
RCP279 : Subrentinal Fluid Cannula 3 mm (Grizzard)

20G x 22mm Sleeve extends 3mm beyound end overall length with tubling 35mm



RCP283 : Flute Cannula (Charles) With Vaccum Handle
Vaccum handle with 20G x 25 mm cannula provides an exit port for blood or debrid when used with independent infusion
RCP285 : Vitreorentinal Brush (Grizzard)
Sleeve extends 3 mm beyound end have sllts for atraumatic brushing of retina
RCP289 : Perfluorocarbon Co-Axial I/A Cannula
25 G x 1.5" with open end irrigation port
19 G outer dia with .4 mm aspiration port
Used for perfluorocarbon liquid exchange during retinal procedures.
Home :: Our Products :: Othalmaic Cannulas :: Miscelleneous and New Arrivals
RCP301 : Adapter
Luer lock 6% taper
RCP303 : Silicone Bulb
RCP305 : Silicone Tube With Adopter
RCP307 : Microsurgical Handle Stainless
Both side having male luer connection
RCP309 : Microsurgical Handle Stainless
Standard male/female luer connection
RCP309 : 11 cm.
RCP309B : 7.5 cm.
RCP311 : Microsurgical Handle With side Finger Tip Control
Standard male/female luer connection with side hole to control air with finger tip. Used with automated aspiration unit.
RCP319 : Irr Handle With Finger Tip Control)
Specially desinged Irr. handle with flexible silicone tube.
RCP321 : Irr Handle With Finger Tip Control (Phaco Type)
Specially desinged handle with silicone tube, irrigation with finger tip control Phacotype
RCP323 : Stillets
0.20 to 0.50 mm Stainless Steel wire for cannula cleaning 60 mm length (Pkt of 12)
RCP325 : Microsurgical Handle Teflon
RCP325 : 11 cm.
RCP325B : 7.5 cm.
RCP327 : Pallin Syringe ( With S.S. Spring)
RCP327-2 : 2 ml.
RCP327-5 : 5 ml.
RCP327-10 : 10 ml.
RCP329 : Needle Corneal Kalts
RCP329-6 : 6mm
RCP329-8 : 8 mm
RCP331 Needle Superior Rectus
Curved 3,4,5,6
RCP335A : Double Male Luer Adaptor
RCP335A : Double Male Luer Adaptor
RCP337 : Phaco/iol Glide (Fichman)
Phaco Glide : 10 mm x 2.6 mm IOL Glide : 20 mm x 5 mm
Phaco Glide protects IRIS from prolapse or trauma during Phaco.
IOL Glide portion assisting in the implantation of posterior chamber IOLS.
RCP339 : IOL Glide (Sheets)
35 mml x 5 mmw. \"Silicone\"
suitable for Mini-Nuc technique & for placement
If IOL into the bag.
Home :: Our Products :: Othalmaic Cannulas :: Bimanual Aspiration or Irrigation
RCP351 : Aspirating Hand Piece
0.30 mm port attached Cannula
RCP351-T: Titanium
RCP357 : Aspirating Cannula with polisher
0.35 mm port with polisher.
RCP359 : Irrigating Cannula
Cannula has crossed 0.50 mm irrigating ports.
RCP359-H : Irrigating Hand Piece
Attached Cannula has cross 0.50 mm irrigating ports.
RCP359H (T)-Titanium
Home :: Our Products :: Othalmaic Cannulas :: Lasik
RCP371 : Lasik Flap Irrigator (Vidaurri)
Universal cannula simultaneously irrigates both sides of flap. Washes at stromal bed and enables flap positioning. 16G x 12mm cannula with two parallel extension angled tips set 1mm apart. Each extension has four irrigating ports.
RCP373 : Lasik Irrigating Cannula Banaji
Design permits sideways entry into the flap without dragging epithelium into the interface. Irrigation by Four 0.35 mm ports.
RCP373-25 : 25G
RCP373-27 : 27G
RCP373-A : Lasik Interface wash cannula
Triport 2 side and 1 front.
RCP373-25A 25 Guage
RCP375 : Lasik Interface Cannula
Designed to wash the interface of the flap. Continuos irrigation though two side & one front holes.
RCP379 : Lasik Flap Positioner (Lindstorm)
Sleeve length 14mm. Very useful to reposition Lasik Flap for a smooth tip at the flap periphery, while preserving the epthelium.
RCP381 : Lasik Irr. Cannula ( Rubenstein )
Specially designed for cleaning the interface while occupying a minimum amount of space underneath Confirm
RCP383 : Lasik Cannula (GIMBEL)
30 G Cannula which slips under the flap easily. Four Irr. Ports. Useful in repositioning the Flap and gently squeezing any excess. Fluid out of the interface
RCP383-7mm, RCP383A-9mm
RCP385 : Lasik Cannula (Manche)
25G Cannula with solid spatulated tip for easy insertion under the primary keratectomy flap without disruption of the epithelium.
Home :: Our Products :: Othalmaic Cannulas :: Glaucoma
RCP391 : Glaucoma Revision Pick
27G x 16mm, 60 degree angle, Length 7 mm
Suitable for superior approach.
RCP393 : Glaucoma Revision Pick
27G x 16mm, Angled 30 degree, Length 13.5mm,
Suitable for temporal or nasal approach.
RCP395 : Visco Canalostomy Cannula
Micro-Guage Cannula for visocelastic injection during Glaucoma Surgery.
5 mm Beveled Tip, slightly angled.
RCP399 : Anterior Chamber Cannula (Mendez)
Round tip to refom the anterior chamber during Glaucoma Procedures.
27 G x 10 m.m. Angled 45° ,3 mm bend to tip.